Our People

Meet Our Team

Here are our Senior Management Team members.  Click on the teams to see who is on which team, and what that team does.

County Commissioner

Dean Smith
Dean is responsible for Scouting in the whole of Northamptonshire. Dean ensures it runs effectively and that Scouting within the County develops to provide good quality Scouting for young people and proactively supports and manages adults in the County.

County Chair

Karen Tonks
Karen leads the Executive Committee, ensuring that it fulfils its responsibilities within the County. Karen works closely with the County Commissioner to achieve the purpose of The Scout Association through the development of local Scouting.

County Youth Commissioner

Rebecca Brightwell
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Deputy County Commissioner - District Support

Gillian Dowling

Deputy County Commissioner - Adult Support

Lee Jones

Deputy County Commissioner - Programme

Bob Peden

Northamptonshire County Scout Council

Northamptonshire County Scout Council is the electoral body that supports Scouting in Northamptonshire. It is the body to which the County Executive Committee is accountable.
The County Scout Council is made up of most adults who hold county appointments and also those that hold key roles in the six Districts.

District Commissioners

We have six Scout Districts that run the local Scouting. Here are our District Commissioners.

County Executive

The Executive Committee exists to support the County Commissioner in meeting the responsibilities of his appointment. Members of the Executive Committee act collectively as Charity Trustees of the Scout County, and in the best interests of the members to:
• Comply with the Rules of The Scout Association
• Protect and maintain any property and equipment
• Manage the County finances
• Provide sufficient resources for Scouting to operate
• Support the development of Scouting in the local area
• Manage and implement the Safety Policy locally
• Prepare reports for the Charity Commission where required
Amongst other things all detailed in our constitution

County Team

The County Team includes the County Executive and sub-Committees; Programme Team; Adult Support Team; members of the County SASU’s as well as the District Commissioners and anyone with a County role.

Programme Support Team

This is the support team for our youth programme and provides support to help volunteers in Sections to deliver high quality challenging, relevant and rewarding programmes to young people.

Adult Support Team

The Adult Support team is there to support all Adults in the County in specific areas.
We work to support adults through their training and ongoing learning through a team of Trainers, Local Training Managers and Training Advisors, this covers everything from Getting Started training, Wood Badge Training and other skill areas that may be identified.
Adults are also supported in areas of Inclusion to help guide and advise them on a range of subjects from Mental Health, Faiths, Disability and Sexuality. We help to identify younger adults with potential, offering them training mentoring and other support to develop their skill base enabling them to take on certain projects or bigger roles. We also support our Adults when required with safeguarding issues and specific training.
We offer support and guidance to Scout Active Support Units and we also support Districts in helping put together citations when applying for the more Adult awards.

President and Vice Presidents

Our President and Vice Presidents